LogiKal MES

Focus on efficiency

The right information at the right time at the right place

Successful companies digitise their production with LogiKal MES and continue to work as masterly as ever. LogiKal MES (Manufacturing Execution System) supports you within your production process. The system is the control centre for digital and paperless production in window and curtain wall construction

The digital route to your destination

LogiKal MES provides the right information at the right workstation and at the right time for any predefined working area. A push procedure is applied in the assignment to the appropriate workstation – from the production control centre straight to the workstation. The relevant operator automatically receives the important documents for that stage in the production process. Instructions for subsequent stages are not available until the preceding stage has been concluded, whereupon they are sent to the next workstation. Work orders no longer need to be printed out, but are available on the workshop monitors

Boost productivity

Searches and queries are just as much in the past now as manually managed FPC* documents and time-consuming investigations of CE data for your elements. LogiKal MES makes sure your production integrates seamlessly with your design and that you keep boosting your productivity. If reworking happens to be required, then the workshop manager can see relevant messages straightaway, together with a suggested solution from the staff member, and can decide immediately whether or not to intervene. If the error can’t be resolved and if, for instance, the section needs to be reordered, LogiKal MES re-sorts the necessary stages within the workflow and starts on this component from scratch

At a glance

LogiKal MES gives your production a quantum leap in efficiency. Your staff only receives the information it really needs. This reduces the number of risks, e.g. through copy errors, and saves both time and paper.

You will gain a comprehensive overview of each stage in the production. You can always respond flexibly to any deviations from your plan and your factory production control (FPC) becomes a by-product of Logikal MES.

Fit for the future

LogiKal MES provides the necessary fuel for the big transformation processes in our industry